Do Women Find Balding Men Attractive?

Research shows us that physically attractive individuals are credited with a range of desirable attributes, which is hardly surprising. Anyone who has ever had any kind of interaction with anyone will tell you that being beautiful or handsome opens doors.

Numerous studies have documented the tendency of people to form an overall impression about something, and subsequently base their evaluation of other aspects relevant to that on their initially-formed impression (e.g. that guy/girl has a great physique, he/she must also be really confident/hardworking/happy, etc.). Research has found that physically attractive people are judged to be more musically competent, and that they receive more favorable treatment by juries, are perceived as less deceptive, and are regarded as being more successful in general.

Women prefer men with a full head of hair

A two-month experiment, conducted on behalf of hair loss treatment specialists Maximum Hair, has posted two profiles on a variety of popular internet forums.

The photographs used were of the same man – except one was doctored to show him thinning on top and the other with a full head of hair.

Both images, in which the man was dressed identically, said he was looking for love as a successful, professional, 30-year-old male, based in London with interests in sport, music and travel.

The profile showing the man with a full head of hair received 108 responses, compared with 22 received by the page showing him with thinning and receding hair.

“The research illustrates that many women are attracted by men with a full head of hair, which historically has been related to virility.

“This social experiment illustrates that in the world of online dating a person’s photo is far more important than their personality profile.”

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Eric Smith is a medical professional and researcher. His actual research interests are focused on psoriasis, hair loss, cosmetic dermatology, facial rejuvenation, hair diseases, mesotherapy and fillers.