Regenepure DR for Hair Loss any Good?

Is Regenepure really the hair loss shampoo that can miraculously regrow hair that you’ve lost due to age, stress or hereditary (genetics, family issue) circumstances? Well, the company known as Regenepure sure seems to think so, they’ve created several products and that includes Regenepure DR and Regenepure NT. The most interesting aspect about the Regenepure company is that they aren’t heavily involved in creating the commercial media hype that other companies use nowadays and don’t care either, they believe that their highly successful shampoo hair regrowth products and vitamins are top notch and those that seek (look) for such products will find their products online and buy them, a chance they take, so they can let the results that their products produce (make) speak for themselves. It’s fascinating that a company can put so much confidence into their products without jeopardizing their products quality ingredients and success, not something most companies are willing to risk. I’ll be getting into more detail about the amazing results that you can to expect from the Regenepure product line and why you should consider buying their products.

The Truth About Hair Loss

Every individual at one time or another that experiences hair loss and are seeking for hair loss treatments and/or hair regrowth products, whether it’s a male or female knows the terrible effect in can have on an individuals’ overall self-esteem. It’s an unfortunate truth that experiencing hair loss can have such a huge and negative impact and that it still continues to plague all humans. Most men can accept the fact that once they’ve tried and became fed up with buying various hair loss products, toupee’s, or surgeries simply embrace their new reality and look, which is being bald. Unfortunately, for those men and women that inherit the hair loss hereditary trait through their parents realize that losing their hair was meant to happen and are more accepting to the fact than those that don’t acquire those genes, no one wants to lose their hair because it may cause various issues in ones life such as stress, loss of purpose, might make you feel unattractive, and or unconfident, whereas having hair made you feel like you belonged, crazy how our minds work! Now being bald isn’t ugly, unattractive or even bad but for those that loved having hair and no longer do, you might miss touching it, having it, messing with it, or even fixing or styling it, then it can be a real blow to one’s self-confidence and that’s undebatable!

What Is Hair Loss?

Hair Loss can be a really sensitive and difficult topic to explain as there are various variables that can affect its outcome. There are a ton of reasons as to why your losing your hair (the hair isn’t growing out properly from the root or the hair’s clogged therefore it’s not coming out from the root like its intended purpose) or your hairs experiencing breakage (the hair that’s breaking is doing so near the shaft and towards the end). I’ll quickly explain the stages of the hair growth process and some of the reasons as to why your hair might not be growing properly.

How The Hair’s Made And It’s Structure?

If you don’t already know, your hair is made up of proteins that grow out from the roots of your head. The old part of your hair will eventually be the part towards the end furthest away from your scalp and that your hair is basically dead. Once your hair comes out of your head then there’s nothing you can possibly do the improve the hair’s structure in itself, but there’s a ton of ways to damage (ruin) your hair. Once you’ve damaged your hair, then there’s really no way to repair it as it’s limited. If the hair itself or its structure is damaged, the repairing process of that particular hair shaft that received the damage is then considered beyond repair and is therefore damaged permanently. You then need to wait for your hair to grow out, cut the damaged parts (such as the bangs or split ends) and this is the dreadful (long and terrible) part of the process.

The Life Cycle of Hair

On a typical healthy human’s head, there’s about 100,000 strands of hair, every one of those hair strands going through a cycle. All the different strands of hair go through various cycles at any given time, which is unique, like it has a mind of its own. The hair first grows which is then known as the anagen phase, which continues for 4 to 6 years, then the hair stays stagnant (does nothing), which is known as the catagen phase. The hair follicle (holds the hair in place) in the catagen phase it regresses (they stop forming) then the hair starts to shed, which is known as the telogen phase. During the anagen phase (hair is growing) roughly 90% of the hairs are constantly in this phase at any given time. A typical person loses (sheds) 50 to 60 hairs daily (it’s the end of the hair cycle process or the telogen phase). All the phases of the hair cycle process (anagen, catagen and telogen) can be affected in a negative manner which can disrupt its natural procedure such as taking pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs, getting the hereditary trait through your family (genes such as male and female pattern baldness) and obviously the killer “stress.” Remember that at all times, all 100,000 strands of hair are in the anagen (grow), catagen (stop growing) and telogen phase (losing or shedding hair).

How The Hair Grows?

The average person grows about a 1/2” (1/2 inch) per month, but this can vary from person to person based on your family’s genetics. Every individual can grow hair at a certain rate or at a maximum level per month, such as 1 inch per month maybe even 1 1/2″ but those results aren’t typical for everyone. There’s no way to increase or speed up your natural hair growing process other than what mother nature (god) intended for you, you need to wait for time to pass and for most it’s a long and tedious process. There are certainly ways that can help you grow healthy hair and at its maximum capacity. Maintaining healthy stress levels, your scalp’s health, nutrition and minerals all play important roles in your hair’s natural growth rate. Most people are quick to confuse hair growth and hair length and don’t even realize it. For example, if your hair’s growing at the maximum rate and is still shedding, it may seem as though it’s not growing, but that’s not true. Everyone’s hair is growing and it’s never not growing, unless you don’t have hair in the first place. The best hair regrowth process to ensure a healthy growing set of hair is to stick to a daily regimen (routine) get consistent 8-hour rest (sleep), drinking plenty of fluids (water), taking care of your scalp, taking minerals and vitamins, can all help you in maintaining healthy hair and at its maximum potential.

What Triggers Hair Loss?

The reason behind hair loss or baldness that affect both sexes men and women can be directly resulted from diseases. Hair loss can be affected if you experience weight gain or loss in a brief time, some hair problems can be treated easily whereas others are more difficult, the results vary per person.

  • Chemotherapy can cause a brief stint in the hair loss process, but it’s a temporary problem that usually grows back once the therapy’s stopped.
  • A thyroid problem can result in hair loss whether it’s an active or an inactive condition.
  • Stress is a big indicator in hair loss and it doesn’t rely entirely on genetics.
  • A high fever which is usually a temporary hair loss problem.
  • Genetics in which the hair loss is inherited through family, where the body naturally causes the hair follicles to appear smaller and as they get older their hair follicles physically shut down (applies to female and male pattern baldness).
  • Malnutrition (lack of nutrition) not getting adequate (enough) vitamins and minerals to the body that results in hair loss. Anemia is a vitamin deficiency (lack of) in iron and can cause hair loss. These issues can be treated by taking the necessary vitamins and minerals and can be corrected (can be a temporary problem if not consuming the right vitamins).
What Is Regenepure Dr?

Regenepure DR (Doctor Recommended) is a shampoo hair loss treatment men and women can use to specifically target their thinning hair loss problems and the best part is that it doesn’t have the harsh chemicals that most shampoos use nowadays such as sulfates, parabens, DEA, harsh chemicals and especially sodium lauryl sulfate. Most of those ingredients I mentioned are strong enough to clean a car which can’t possibly be good for a person’s head, right? That’s for sure! Regenepure DR is excellent for your hair follicles because of it’s anti DHT (fights baldness) fighting effects contained in their shampoo and the powerful ingredients they use in their formula were designed in removing the DHT (baldness issues) build up, sebum (nasty pimples or cysts on the head), and toxins (byproduct from the body) from your scalp and follicles which helps in your scalp developing new hair growth. The Regenepure DR shampoo is safe for those that have colored and/or keratin treated hair, it has no harmful chemicals like paraben or sodium dodecyl sulfate (SLS), those ingredients are known to damage both the hair and the scalp. It’s great for those that have dandruff issues (itchy, scratchy, and flaky) because its great at reducing the amount of flakes your scalp creates. You can say goodbye to the flakes and see hi to your confidence and your scalp will thank you for it. So, no more embarrassing flakes on your hair or on your clothes and no one will think you went through a blizzard through all 4 seasons throughout the year, which is great! The Regenepure DR shampoo can and will work for everyone’s individual hair types whether your hair’s oily, dry, average, or normal because it was developed to treat everyone’s issues. All of the ingredients in the Regenepure DR product have all been tried, tested and validated behind their scientific studies. All the ingredients in their shampoo were developed to prevent hair loss issues and help in growing new hair. It contains Aloe Vera Gel, Ketoconazole, Gamma-linolenic acid, Niacin Saw Palmetto, Jojoba Oil, and Emu Oil. These are the powerful ingredients that make its product pack a powerful punch.

The Highlights of Regenepure DR
  • Specially formulated shampoo that works for men and women and doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens, DEA and harsh chemicals.
  • Regenepure DR’s a shampoo that’s great for fighting DHT (baldness) and its powerful ingredients work to remove build up of DHT, sebum, and toxins from the scalp and follicles to make way for new hair growth.
  • The Regenepure DR shampoo is a thinning hair loss solutions dream and it’s safe for colored and keratin treated hair, free of harsh chemicals such as paraben and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SLS) which can cause damage to the hair and the scalp.
  • Regenepure DR helps to reduce Dandruff flaking, which means no more dry, itchy, flaking scalp, and your confidence will thank you for it.
  • All the ingredients listed in their shampoo are natural and safe for all hair types and that includes the Aloe Vera Gel, Ketoconazole, Gamma-linolenic acid, Niacin Saw Palmetto, Jojoba Oil, and Emu Oil, which all help stop hair loss, grow and regrow new hair. These are the powerful ingredients that make its product pack a powerful punch.
  •  Many customers that have purchased the Regenepure DR shampoo immediately realized that their hair appeared shiner, voluminous (hair volume increased) and that their hair felt thicker after using the shampoo after just one use.
What Is Regenepure NT?

Regenepure NT (Nourishing Treatment) is specifically made to stimulate the hair follicles and the scalp, while making your hair healthy, conditioned and feeling thick. It is the best hair regrowth treatment and a hair loss treatment men and women can use, especially if they struggle with a thinning hair line. It has a lot of great benefits such as making your hair feel and appear, thicker, stronger and its effects on increasing hair volume. It contains a lot of scalp stimulating and high-quality ingredients such as Caffeine, Saw Palmetto, and Lecithin. Regenepure NT works in a way where not only does it help cleanse (clean) the scalp, it promotes future regrowth and new hair growth with each continued use of the product. The ingredients in this product provide a clean, nourishing treatment to help stimulate the hairs follicles and scalp, which will restore the necessary nutrients to help fix weak and brittle hair. It works by cleaning and strengthening the dreadful dry and damaged hair from the roots by removing the toxins and impurities. The ingredients in Regenepure NT will certainly provide both women and men an increase in hair thickness, volume and the overall hair health. Safe for those that have colored and/or keratin treated hair, it has no harmful chemicals like paraben or sodium dodecyl sulfate (SLS) those ingredients are known to damage hair and the scalp. All ingredients used in this hair loss shampoo are natural and safe for all hair types, so it doesn’t apply to just certain hair types like other commercial shampoos out there.

The Highlights Of Regenepure NT
  • Regenepure NT was designed specifically to stimulate the hair follicles and the scalp, while keeping your hair feeling thick, conditioned and healthy. Great for men and women that suffer with thinning hair or hair loss. Makes hair feel thicker, stronger and all while increasing your hair’s volume.
  • Made with natural high quality ingredients such as Caffeine, Saw Palmetto extract, and Lecithin, which is great at cleansing the scalp and promoting regrowth and new hair growth with each continued use of the product.
  • The ingredients in this product provide a clean, nourishing treatment to help stimulate the hairs follicles and scalp, which will restore the necessary nutrients to help fix weak and brittle hair.
  • The ingredients in Regenepure NT will certainly provide both women and men an increase in hair thickness, volume and the overall hair health.
  • Safe for those that have colored and/or keratin treated hair, it has no harmful chemicals like paraben or sodium dodecyl sulfate (SLS) those ingredients are known to damage hair and the scalp.
What Is The Difference Between Regenepure NT And Regenepure DR?

I mentioned earlier in this review that the Regenepure product line produced two highly successful hair loss treatment shampoos that being Regenepure NT and DR. The primary (big) difference between both shampoos is that the Regenepure DR contains Ketoconazole in the product, while the Regenepure NT shampoo does not. The Regenepure NT is more for those that have a thinning hair line and/or issues with hair breakage, while the Regenepure DR helps in regrowing the bald spot and the other problem areas of your scalp. Regenepure DR is the doctor recommended shampoo. Regenepure NT (Nourishing Treatment) is the moisturizing shampoo that was made to complement the other shampoo Regenepure DR. Both shampoos when used together create quality results like no other product out there, hair loss shampoos, that grow, thickens, creates volume, helps regrow hair, contains no harsh chemicals and that both products don’t strip the natural oils out of your hair, what’s better than that!

How Long Can I Expect The Shampoos To Last?

Well this can vary from person to person and primarily depends on how often you wash your hair. A typical person might get about 6 weeks’ worth of product per bottle, but it can be longer.

I Have Dry Hair What Shampoo Should I Use? Do The Shampoos Have Conditioner?

If you have dry hair you should be using both the Regenepure DR and NT because of its beneficial quality ingredients can help fight dandruff, dermatitis, hair loss and dry hair. Regenepure DR with all the quality ingredients it has such as vitamin B6, saw palmetto extract, ketoconazole, caffeine and zinc oxide. The caffeine, niacin and the linoleic acid all work together to stimulate the scalp, while the jojoba oils and the emu ingredients help moisturize the skin, making it feel refreshed and nourished (healthy) to treat a dry scalp, brittle, and/or damaged hair into making it a more fuller and thicker hair transformation (change). Regenepure NT is a healthy beneficial shampoo that strengthens and moisturizes the hairs natural response with ingredients that can and will improve your hairs thickness. Both shampoos contain the emu oil and the healthy omega oils to help moisture the scalp and hairs response. No, the shampoos do not have conditioner in them, however they developed a conditioner to specifically compliment the Regenepure NR and DR shampoos called the Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner. The Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner was created to add the extra volume, moisture and shine to treat the hair strands and the scalp with ingredients like the jojoba oil, silk protein, and keratin. If you weren’t already aware, jojoba oil is very similar to the natural oils produced by our scalp making it a great ingredient in producing healthier effects to our hairs response, while the silk protein and keratin are great in increasing the amount of moisture our hair receives as well as the shine. Finally, their products don’t contain any harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and toxins which they stress on all their products, and obviously it doesn’t remove the natural oils from your hair.

How Do I Use The Regenepure NT And Regenepure DR Shampoos? Do The Shampoos Also Have A Built In Conditioning Effect.

Regenepure NT is a moisturizing shampoo that works great when used together in order to guarantee the best results. Although the Regenepure DR helps treat the hair, Regenepure NT works to nourish your hair that you currently have and making it achieve a different result, thicker and fuller hair. Its recommended on the directions that you use The Regenepure DR first and lathering it into your hair and waiting 3 to 5 minutes, they prefer you wait the 5 minutes before rinsing the shampoo out of your hair, then following it up with the Regenepure NT shampoo lathering it into your hair and waiting it out for another 3 to 5 minutes, before rinsing it out. The result once you come out of the shower, you should feel as if your hair went through a different transformation as if you developed new hair, that feels thicker, fuller, shiner, rejuvenating (clean) and healthier hair. Although the Regenepure NR and DR don’t have a conditioning effect added to their shampoos they do have a great conditioner called the Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner. It doesn’t interfere with the ingredients of the Regenepure DR and NR shampoos because it’s part of the Regenepure product line.

I Used The Regenepure DR and NT Shampoos And Did What The Directions Said But I Noticed That I Started To Shed Hair, Is This Normal?

Most people that use Regenepure products don’t experience any issues with shedding hair, but for those that do experience some shedding its considered normal, so there’s no reason to panic as it can happen with Regenepure at first, but it’s temporary. It takes the hair some time to get adjusted to the ingredients which can be anywhere from a day to a week. This happens because your hair is strengthening at the roots of your scalp which might cause some shedding, which is expected. The Regenepure DR is the product that works to strengthen the roots by targeting the scalp and reducing DHT (causes baldness) build up, that can cause some shedding but it’s temporary and expected, but doesn’t apply to everyone, just those that may experience shedding at first.

Can  I Use The Rogaine Foam with the Regenepure NR and DR Shampoo?

Regenepure shampoos can be used with any hair regrowth treatment but its recommended to use their product Regenepure Precision Minoxidil Spray, because it can provide the best results possible. Since the Regenepure DR shampoo does such a great job at cleaning the scalp out it allows their Minoxidil Spray to be absorbed at its maximum level with ease. What separates their Minoxidil Spray from the competition is that they’ve created a long nose applicator that can target the problem areas of your hair loss without the mess that the other competitors use such as their messy droppers, sprays and foam solutions. This is something that I have yet to see advertised in other thinning hair solutions.

What Happens If I Stop Using The Regenepure Precision Minoxidil Spray?

Well obviously, whenever you stop using a Minoxidial Spray whether its Rogaine or Regenepure’s Minoxidil Spray your notice that the results will decline, because it’s the continued use that keeps hair loss at bay. If you consider not using Regenepure’s Precision Minoxidil Spray any longer you might notice the new hair growth you got by using their products or may even notice the new hair you grew and you’re now losing because you discontinued using their products by not sticking to the hair loss routine.

Does Regenepure NT and DR Have A Smell or Perfume Or Is It Unscented?

Regenepure DR does not contain any smell or perfume, while Regenepure NT does contain a slight parfum but it isn’t overbearing or strong. Both shampoos are naturally scented from the high-quality ingredients and once again don’t contain any harsh chemicals that can damage and lead to further hair loss.

What Happens If I Stop Using The Regenepure DR And NT Shampoos Will I Lose Hair?

It’s not like minoxidil treatments where if you stop using the product you’ll lose the hair you grew using the product, but if you stop using the Regenepure product line you’ll just lose the great results you’ve gained through the continued use of their products.

Users Experience

My family genes aren’t that great either as most of my family members are predominantly (mostly) bald or thinning out or had some type of hair loss issue. From my mom’s side, her father was bald and her mom, a thinning hair issue. From my dad’s side, his father was bald and his mother as well had a thinning hair issue. My situation as a boy growing up with a full set of hair was bleak (small), so I was worried I would have the same issue thinning hair and/or bald. I knew I had to take care of my hair the best way possible and to maintain a healthy scalp, so my hair can grow healthy without any issues. My hair wasn’t thick and full like most healthy people, I had hair where you can pull the strands out from your scalp without much pressure. I stayed away from all hair gels as I knew it could clog pores on my head which could lead to hair loss, so I never used it! I never wore hats either, for the same reason I didn’t use gel. I even stayed away from the harmful chemical Chlorine, which is used to maintain the pools PH level because the damaging effect chlorine has on the hair, so I stayed away from it. I was so scared that I ended up becoming paranoid, but only when it came to losing hair which I never fully revealed to anyone growing up until I reached adulthood, I didn’t want my secret to be known, I know it’s silly!

I lived in a constant state of fear knowing that hair loss runs in my family genes and there’s nothing I could really do about it. As time flew bye, I realized until the age of 21, I started to lose hair towards the crown of my head, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t good and I panicked! I started looking at all the possible hair loss treatments whether it was in local stores or online. I didn’t like what I saw in the local stores, so I performed a Google search and read through tons of hair loss treatments and shampoo reviews and Regenepure was the one that caught my attention the most. I loved the ingredients, their scientific proven case studies that actually back up their product’s claim, so I purchased both the Regenepure DR and NR shampoos. I was so excited when I made the purchase at first, I couldn’t wait to use their products, I was shocked with the results I got when using their products! Their products are what they claim, after just the first use, my hair felt thicker, fuller and healthier. I felt a cooling sensation for 30 minutes, after I already finished showering, which was a great feeling, it felt both soothing and refreshing. I had an issue with a dry itchy scalp my whole life and it certainly kept my dandruff at bay that no other Dandruff shampoo could match, the competitions shampoo would be too strong or harsh for my hair, it would make my scalp flake even more. I no longer panic about losing hair anymore, my hairs healthier, stronger, fuller, dandruff free and I’ve been a Regenepure customer ever since, it’s been roughly 7 years now, I’m now 28 years old and happier than ever! If you look at the picture in this paragraph at the right you’ll see the results my hair was able to experience through 7 years of continued use and thanks to the Regenepure product line, I believe it can work for you too!

I’d Rate The Regenepure Product Line Especially the Hair Loss Shampoo Regenepure DR and NT A Perfect 10/10
Final Conclusion

If your suffering from thinning hair, bald spots or any type of hair loss issue, then I strongly recommend you give the Regenepure product line a try, especially the 2 hair loss shampoos that being Regenepure DR and Regenepure NTYou’re more likely to restore and regrow new hair with each continued use and you’ll begin noticing the positive effects immediately such as the restoral of natural oils, removal of dandruff flakes, a thicker and fuller set of hair and without the harmful and damaging effects that all the other commercialized shampoos out there contain such as sulfates, parabens, and toxins because their ingredients are different, there all natural! There products are competitively priced, they don’t rely on the marketing hype like all the other commercialized shampoos, they let their proven case studies behind their products results do all the talking which speaks volumes, not something that other companies are willing to risk, but Regenepure is that confident that their products are far more superior than their competitors, a bold claim and I’d say there right!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Eric Smith is a medical professional and researcher. His actual research interests are focused on psoriasis, hair loss, cosmetic dermatology, facial rejuvenation, hair diseases, mesotherapy and fillers.